Classicist [noun]

Definition of Classicist:

student of the physical remains of ancient cultures or eras

Synonyms of Classicist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Classicist:


Sentence/Example of Classicist:

Rent, the share of the land-owner, offered to the classicist a rather peculiar case.

He is a sentimental Classicist, and his subjects the antithesis of the Grco-Roman ideal to which he does homage in his technique.

But though he was thus essentially a classicist, a mere classicist he was not.

In his study of men of science Ostwald has introduced the distinction of classicist and romanticist.

The classicist keeps to one line of thought and develops it by himself logically and completely.

His understanding was solid, but he was a thorough classicist, and his taste in poetry was formed on Pope.

Victor-Marie Hugo wrote verse very early, beginning as a classicist.

At all events the professed conservative and classicist of tradition seeks too cheap a victory over the rebel.

Against romanticism the forces of rationalist and classicist pedantry, especially in France, have latterly been unchained.

Not poetic, nor yet a pedantic classicist, he played Bach and Brahms with intellectual clearness and romantic fervor.