Classifies [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Classifies:

A charming poem on perfumes classifies them, rousing ideas, sensations, and memories.

If one's intelligence ever classifies a thing as an illusion, no conscious effort will ever turn it into a reality.

Once he recognizes and classifies them, he can begin to exercise his will, his individual determination.

Quintilian classifies as tropes words or phrases converted from their proper signification to another.

He classifies functions into those relating to the individual and those relating to the species.

The world classifies human beings according to their superficialities.

Language is only reasonable when it classifies the world and distinguishes things by different names.

The Ku Klux report classifies all violence under the four heads: killing, shooting, outrage, whipping.

Darwin therefore classifies all the different races as sub-species of one and the same species.

It classifies facts, and then leaves us gaping into the abyss of causation as ignorant as ever.