Classify [verb]

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It’s certainly arguable that California’s law requiring Uber and Lyft drivers be classified as employees is a bad law with unintended consequences.

That ballot measure would exempt app-based drivers from having to comply with AB 5, the state law limiting when employers can classify their workers as independent contractors.

For now, we’re classifying it as a living project and welcoming spin-offs.

In the next step, you need to classify your user base into specific groups, each of which will be targeted for unique marketing campaigns that cater to its needs.

Both ride-hailing services threatened to temporarily shut down their operations in California after a judge declined to carve out an exemption for them from AB5, the new state law that would require the companies to classify drivers as employees.

Her culture had evolved in such a way that being female or male was a basic, binary, and deeply meaningful way of classifying reality.

It is officially classified as hot-summer humid continental.

Automatically generated, spun, duplicated or scraped content is classified as thin – in short, it has no value to offer to the user.

We would classify these two departments in this way, though in the highest dramatic work elements of both phases are combined.

Classify each leukocyte seen, and calculate what percentage each variety is of the whole number classified.