Classmate [noun]

Definition of Classmate:

one of a pair; partner

Synonyms of Classmate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Classmate:

Sentence/Example of Classmate:

According to the standards of her classmates, however, it is shamefully unfashionable to dress conservatively.

Many of them had connected with classmates to rent cheap houses for the semester.

Still, they could help many students avoid being cut off from their teachers and classmates.

Making a connection with other classmates lets you know who to reach out to when you have questions, says James Pitarresi.

Bill Chadwick, another classmate of mine, came up from downtown, and met us at the church door.

Our Margot, the girl who had been my classmate, whom I had loved as a sister.

You know he stopped in Indianapolis to see a classmate who was practising there—met her at a party, I believe, and—good-by Deane!

General Sill was a classmate of mine at the Military Academy, having graduated in 1853.

Crook was a classmate of mine—at least, we entered the Military Academy the same year, though he graduated a year ahead of me.

Only last spring I met the father of a second-year man who remembers Uncle Louis well, said he was a classmate of his.