Clattered [verb]

Definition of Clattered:

crash; make racket

Synonyms of Clattered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clattered:



Sentence/Example of Clattered:

They clattered through the outlying bazaar without disturbing a soul.

The lone pine on the stone cap of Gander Knob waved its farewell, and we clattered down the long slope into the great world.

We heard Aaron Kallaberger's stentorian tones as we clattered around the bend.

The sword clattered from his hand and rolled, with a pendulum-like movement, to the feet of Garnache.

Wilder flung a slipper across the room that missed Tootles head and clattered among the paint-brushes.

Mrs. Errington's head was stretched out of the coach-window as the vehicle clattered up the archway of the "Blue Bell" inn.

They chatted while the natives gaped until the jiggly, two-wheeled carts clattered toward them.

For a time, he clattered the rough dishes, clearing them out of the way, despising the work—a loathing shared by all human beings.

The noise of the fight clattered and clanged up from the depths to him and echoed down from above where the charge had gone.

He whistled happily as he clattered down the uncarpeted stairs, and Helen smiled to herself.