Clatters [noun]

Definition of Clatters:

loud noise

Synonyms of Clatters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clatters:


Sentence/Example of Clatters:

The sewing-machine made a resounding clatter in the room; it was of a ponderous, by-gone make.

The invitation was accepted; and Mr. Bellamy's grand carriage drew up immediately with splash and clatter to the door.

She went up in the mornings to Madame Lebrun's room, braving the clatter of the old sewing-machine.

John Tubbs was one day doing his sums, when little Sam Jones pushed against him; and down went the slate with a horrid clatter.

Gilbert made a great clatter with his knife and fork, to conceal the laugh that he could not repress.

There was another clatter of footsteps upon the porch as old Mr. Chumley opened the outer door.

Suddenly, there was a considerable clatter of fire-irons, and his violent start surprised Margaret.

The clatter of levers, the slamming of iron doors, continually reverberates through the corridors.

The hill side was alive with clatter and motion; with sudden up-springing lights among the pines.

A clatter of hoofs and shouting outside brought them all away from the breakfast table.