Clause [noun]

Definition of Clause:

provision in document

Synonyms of Clause:

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Sentence/Example of Clause:

So far, TV networks have pushed back against agreeing to these enigmatic clauses.

The contract clause had an end date that was slowly approaching, so the question of when Avatar 2 was expected to release was critical.

The document in both cases includes the same clauses placing the burden on the city if things don’t go as planned.

Allied Universal’s contract also includes a clause stating that its video footage is not considered a public record, meaning members of the public need a court order to view footage recorded by more than two-thirds of the agency’s security force.

Her practice already had a digital platform compliant with health-related privacy laws and patient release forms that included a clause about telehealth.

Their agreement specified that Jerusalem would remain under Muslim control but with the clause that the city had to allow safe passage to unarmed Christian pilgrims and merchants inside its walls.

He added that lessening clause, remembering, quite simply, how much more brilliant he was than Nigel.

The Act contained another practical clause, designed to block the construction of lines from political considerations.

An insurance policy may be assigned, though it usually contains a clause that the consent of the insurer is needful.

This clause was adopted, and James Madison for the first time attracted state-wide attention to his thinking and philosophy.