Clauses [noun]

Definition of Clauses:

provision in document

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Sentence/Example of Clauses:

Then followed various clauses defining the duties and authority with which Mr. Hunt, as Manager, was invested.

They might beat government on different clauses; but all that was done in the committee might be undone on bringing up the report.

On these grounds, therefore, he moved that the first and second clauses of the bill should be postponed.

In these sentiments the lord-chancellor coincided; the clauses, he said, were as necessary as any others.

On a division, the motion to omit all the appropriation clauses was carried by one hundred and thirty-eight against forty-one.

Further clauses indict the inferior ministers occupied about the cess.

He brought this forward on the 9th of March, by moving for leave to bring in a bill for the repeal of those clauses.

Mr. Thomas Duncombe's motion on the subject of the rate-paying clauses of the reform bill was disposed of in a similar manner.

The house finally went into committee on the bill, and proceeded to consider its several clauses and the amendments proposed.

Sentences become long and involved; dependent clauses abound; connective words and phrases are frequent.