Claustrophobia [noun]

Definition of Claustrophobia:

anxiety caused by living in isolation or indoors for a long period of time

Synonyms of Claustrophobia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Claustrophobia:


Sentence/Example of Claustrophobia:

What “Framing Britney Spears” evokes so viscerally is the claustrophobia and frustration of being Britney Spears.

You hear stories about going loopy from claustrophobia and stuff.

The cigar was his protection, his secret weapon, against the claustrophobia the mosquitero gave him.

I know it's horrible—many of our visitors suffer claustrophobia, but they just must be built that way.

Claustrophobia is the malady of those who have a horror of close quarters from which they can not easily make their escape.

To-day he was feeling the claustrophobia of London more acutely than usual.

He took the stairs in a rush of desperate claustrophobia, wanting more than anything to get outside, to breathe in the fresh air.

The sufferer from claustrophobia will invent any excuse to avoid an elevator or the theatre.

Sometimes his frenzy reached such a height that it resembled the affliction that pathologists call claustrophobia.

For the first time in the hundreds of hours he'd spent in the tank, he knew the meaning of claustrophobia.