Clavichord [noun]

Definition of Clavichord:

musical instrument

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Sentence/Example of Clavichord:

Reischach led the newcomer to the clavichord in the panelled room, and the company gathered near the garden-door to listen.

There is a clavichord in the panelled room, and we will leave the garden door open in order to hear the music.

From Austria the "clavichord" as it was usually called in those days (because it had "craves" or keys) went to Italy.

The Italians called an instrument with a 'jack' action like the virginal by the name clavichord.

The clavichord followed in due course, and by a rapid process of development regals, organs, and virginals evolved.

These were followed in the seventeenth century by the clavichord, the favourite instrument of Bach.

He sat down at the clavichord and sang what he had composed in honour of the Princess.

The talk often turned to grand old Bach and his "Well-tempered Clavichord," to which in those early days, he gave ardent study.

It is not a matter of wonder that the lovers of the harpsichord and clavichord did not take kindly to the piano-forte at first.

The best known among the group of instruments to which the clavichord belongs are the spinet and the harpsichord.