Clawing [verb]

Definition of Clawing:

using sharp nail

Synonyms of Clawing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clawing:









Sentence/Example of Clawing:

With her all-powerful and elastic muscles she encircled and oppressed her mount, clawing with two great talons at his breast.

A dancer went down, coughing and clawing at his throat, while yelps of surprise and pain told me others had been wounded.

She caught at him with clawing hands, her eyes wild, her teeth showing from behind tightly drawn lips.

Recovering herself with an effort, she turned her face again to the officer, who was clawing about for his missing club.

The bear tumbled out of the path, howling in misery, and clawing at his nose and eyes.

Two more reports—ineffective, and then the two fell clawing and in a heap on the floor.

We rolled over and over, clawing at each other frantically, striking out blindly.

He hit the water flat on his stomach, arms and legs outspread, clawing and kicking desperately.

The flung fist sunk into the mate's stomach and he reeled forward, passing Urson, with Snake still clawing at his back.

They usually came along about nine o'clock, by which time Howells and John were fairly clawing with hunger.