Cleanup [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cleanup:

So, come on, and we'll get Hannah to give us some lard and then we'll go down to the boat house where it is cool and cleanup.

Made up my mind there was going to be a cleanup in Marsport, even if Wayne does win.

But you got to stand some losses now and then if you're goin' to keep in line for an occasional big cleanup.

Whereupon, with Scotty watching, Dusty Rhoads had emerged, pushing his cleanup cart in front of him.

A big cleanup followed and in bringing it about the work of Detective Billy Gard played a most important part.

I believe that I will go out tomorrow and go to town and phone Father that he had better make a cleanup here at the camp.

Tomorrow night well make a grand cleanup and then fire the sawmill and wreck the machinery and light out.

Things are beginning to get too brisk here, so well make a good cleanup and light out, said Barrows.

Mrs. Cloam will take care of you, and find all that is needful for a warrior's cleanup.

You were responsible for the food, how to ration it as well as preparation and cleanup.