Clearer [adjective]

Definition of Clearer:

cloudless, bright

Synonyms of Clearer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clearer:

Sentence/Example of Clearer:

Let us look over these points again, and make the matter still clearer and more simple.

One time my fancy soared on high, to see what discoveries I could make in those clearer regions.

The period of five years of war has shown it to us in a clearer light than fifty years of peace.

We were now in daily expectation of greater heat and a clearer sky, but met with neither.

The poet "as those wreathes up go" sees Helicon's fresh founts flowing clearer and purer.

We have spoken many times of the Calendars (Fasti): it is necessary now to obtain some clearer notion of what they were.

Yet, the harder I stared the clearer appeared the amazing and monstrous apparition.

If Pity could have been buried out of the heart, and thus separated from it, the whole would have been a great deal clearer.

Barrington's perceptions seemed to grow clearer, and he asked a few pertinent questions before he nodded approbation.

Grenfell had clearer eyes and skin, and was steadier on his legs, for he had slaked his thirst with river-water for some time now.