Clearly [adverb]

Definition of Clearly:

without any doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Clearly:

Sentence/Example of Clearly:

I mean, making those moves in the offseason, they clearly had a title-or-bust idea going into this season.

Investors clearly didn’t like the Fed’s hold-the-line stance on interest rates and asset purchases yesterday.

A camera like this will clearly appeal to YouTubers, and Sony has given it some popular features handy for frequent video makers.

He has a healthy Davante Adams back after the wideout missed four games last season — and clearly Rodgers will be targeting Adams early and often.

Health is clearly a focus—the presentation begins by namechecking the new sleep and handwashing features that arrived in the latest OS update.

The new patrons were a pair of middle-aged women, who had clearly already been drinking.

With an international panel in place, and a clearly defined whistleblower channel, the next attempt at human germline editing will hopefully come as a scientific triumph—rather than an immoral disgrace.

It’s hard to catch one, even when the tunnels are clearly outlined on a manicured lawn.

It can be difficult to see the challenges clearly because so many factors are in play.

Now we can clearly see that Google didn’t index this part of the page’s content.