Clears [adjective]

Definition of Clears:

cloudless, bright

Synonyms of Clears:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clears:

Sentence/Example of Clears:

It separates into three layers upon standing—a brown deposit, a clear fluid, and a frothy layer.

However this be, it is hard to say that these fibs have that clear intention to deceive which constitutes a complete lie.

Knowing by experience that he would soon be up to it, he used his pole with all his might, hoping to steer clear of it.

I am pleading for a clear white light of education that shall go like the sun round the whole world.

Is the Bible revelation so clear and explicit that no difference of opinion as to its meaning is possible?

It is clear, therefore, that the reserve reduction contemplated by the act will not be realized in practice.

The storm, however, was over; the moon and stars were shining in a clear sky, and the aurora was dancing merrily.

The watchword of conduct that will clear up all our difficulties is, the plain truth.

This fluid is then heated, adding crystals of sodium acetate until it becomes perfectly clear.

He could hardly keep from laughing, when it was made clear to him that this was what the Indian father expected.