Cleavage [noun]

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So it can actually kind of game out how they want to be viewed by a specific group of people and hit those messages home, you know, and kind of create cleavage that previously wasn’t there or wouldn’t be there organically.

The technologies being fervently employed right now are enabling a reality in which campaigns can manufacture cleavages in the public, fundamentally altering how we form opinions and, ultimately, vote.

Beyond the Novall Junior group we cannot establish distinct lines of cleavage.

The cleavage in policy between the inspectorate and the president did not at first manifest itself.

But we have not yet done with the question of social strata and inward cleavage.

Far otherwise was it with the impending struggle of the Reformation: there the cleavage of sides followed very different lines.

This was the thin edge of the wedge by which the cleavage from Rome and the Pope was subsequently effected.

This substitution of a new line of cleavage for the old one may seem a questionable matter for rejoicing.

The coincidences of cleavage point merely to a readily intelligible historical association.

Much of the rock-surface was dense granite comparatively free from cleavage lines, soft materials, or stratification.