Cleaves [verb]

Definition of Cleaves:

divide, split

Synonyms of Cleaves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cleaves:










Sentence/Example of Cleaves:

Were the members of them to receive the truth, and jointly to cleave to it, these societies would thereby perish.

In Covenanting, there should be made engagements to cleave to new correct views of truth and duty.

His tongue would cleave to his mouth in a woman's presence, let alone his lying to her.

She would cleave to the good God Lucifer, and she aspired to be the bride of Asmodeus.

Lift high the sword, cleave down the haughty warrior, And dip thy spear in blood, thou son of Odin!

Strike me one good blow—cleave me that traitorous thief from the crown to the brisket!

He that's sad, A crab-face'd Mistris cleave to him for this year.

They who keep his Covenant, keep his testimonies; and they who cleave to the one, adhere to the other.

Why do they not cleave to the traditional term—bronze—in the case of tools, as the same men do in the case of weapons?

I lifted my sword above my head to cleave his skull, my arm was in the swing—when I stopped.