Cleft [adjective]

Definition of Cleft:

separated, split

Synonyms of Cleft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cleft:

Sentence/Example of Cleft:

He pretended that it was five hundred years' journey from one to another, and that he cleft the moon in twain.

So I even told her how he had gone over the edge into the cleft, but without saying that we feared for his life for so long.

Thrice—De Valmont's guard shivered as a rush—through shield, hauberk, gorget cleft the Vikings' blade.

Point a pitying finger to the yawning abyss of shame, ruin, and despair that even now perhaps is being cleft under his feet.

But a single effective shot into the centre of the column had cleft it as a rock divides a torrent.

This and the peculiar notched or cleft teeth seem to point to an hereditary taint.

Several times the sun seemed to set, only to reappear again through a cleft in the hills.

Not so his horse; for the good sword cleft through the saddle and severed the spine.

The pen (calamus) was made of a reed brought to a point and cleft much as our quill pens are.

Then she laughed in her happy manner, and set the skull carefully in the cleft of a stunted kanikanik bush.