Clenched [verb]

Definition of Clenched:


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Sentence/Example of Clenched:

The gnarled hands shut up into clenched fists, and the feeble voice trailed off in an agonized moan.

Garnache's sword rasped out, an oath rattled from his clenched teeth, and he fell on guard.

Fists clenched, he stood staring at the closed door, and his fresh color slowly deserted him and left him pale.

His left arm was behind his back, the hand clenched, the right leg perfectly straight.

He leaned his elbow on the overmantel and rested his brow against his clenched right hand, and stood so awhile in moody thought.

Clip clenched his hands as some strong emotion swept through him.

Shaking his clenched fist, his foot stamping the platform, he shouts at the crowd, but his voice is lost amid the general uproar.

He brought down his clenched hand upon the table, caught in passing a flagon, and sent it crashing to the floor.

Bascomb muttered something to himself, his shoulders heaved and his hands clenched spasmodically.

His sinewy hands were clenched on his knees, and his moccasined feet crossed and uncrossed themselves as the hearing progressed.