Clergymen [noun]

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Clergymen, as you are aware, dear madam, are constantly exposed to these annoyances in the course of their ministrations.

But there was undoubtedly a large body of Jacobite clergymen who in various ways reconciled this to their conscience.

Moreover, wifely adoration was particularly bad for clergymen, who were far too much inclined already to give themselves airs.

This tax, however, was not to be imposed on clergymen whose livings were under 200 per annum.

Some of the very happiest people I know are to be found among the large families of country clergymen.

St Mary's Hall is devoted to the education of poor clergymen's daughters.

Many clergymen simply select the hymns and leave the music to the choir: the incumbent might try this plan as an experiment.

We are ready for those noblemen and clergymen, for all the tonsured fraternity and their bishop to boot!

In 1643 the Earl of Manchester ejected many of the Royalist clergymen from their livings who were scandalous ministers.

The house, though it refused to allow clergymen to evade the formularies of their Church, was not averse from toleration.