Cleverest [adjective]

Definition of Cleverest:

bright, ingenious

Opposite/Antonyms of Cleverest:

Sentence/Example of Cleverest:

They say you are the cleverest of any man in this vicinity with a weapon.

The cleverest surgeon is he who can perform the biggest operation in the shortest time.

They could easily teach the Greeks, the cleverest people in Europe, who are very skilful in the matter.

Dora's plighted lover honestly thought Dora's undeclared lover the cleverest and most delightful of men.

Then all she had to do was to come back and send a picture postcard to her brother Johann, one of the cleverest spies in Europe.

You guessed he had some trick to play, and in the quietest, cleverest way you checkmated him, without hint or help from any one.

Upon inquiry, I was told he was a man of quality, esteemed one of the cleverest and most sensible about the court.

He says that Pratt has baffled all the cleverest detectives in England for a great number of years.

Jack was by no means the cleverest boy at the school, far from it, but he did his book work fairly well, and above all honestly.

He was an army surgeon, and quite the cleverest man at his profession that I ever had the privilege to meet.