Cleverness [noun]

Definition of Cleverness:

brightness, ingenuity

Synonyms of Cleverness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cleverness:

Sentence/Example of Cleverness:

“I think this is a really clever Machiavellian ploy that I hope doesn’t work,” said David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founder of the email service Basecamp, which offers an iPhone app.

The star audiences fell in love with was the product of clever producers and marketing.

An actual gift that showed some thought for your friend’s interests would be ever so much cleverer.

Theorists raced to devise clever theories to explain the bizarre pulsar and what happened to it.

Streaming sites once devoted to quirky dances and video games, like the explosively popular short-video app TikTok and the live-streaming gaming site Twitch, now overflow with clever creators offering engaging riffs on current events.

It’s a clever workaround that doesn’t require rewriting the Constitution.

They’re mildly diverting, but rarely as clever or demanding as the Mission stages that came included in the original game seven years ago.

The whole thing is extremely clever, and also makes the method more generalizable.

In other words, insurance companies take your money, in the form of what they call “premiums” — a clever idea, calling your bill a “premium,” as if it’s a wonderful thing.

Thanks to a few hardware improvements, matched with Apple’s increasingly clever software upgrades, the 12 Pro takes awfully nice photos and portraits during the day and solid snaps at night.