Clicker [noun]

Definition of Clicker:

handheld control

Synonyms of Clicker:

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Sentence/Example of Clicker:

The next day a neighbor came running in to tell me that he was up on a telegraph pole with a little pocket clicker.

At first his discourse was tender and persuasive, but his voice was drowned in the clicker of cups and saucers.

"No more trains to-night," responded the man without looking up from the noisy clicker over which he was bending.

It was one of Clicker's manufacture, and Sir Marmaduke knew he could trust the maker and the weapon.

You may sit in a bedizened bar-room furnished with telephone and clicker, and in half an hour be in the woods.

His place and function are now, for the most part, occupied by the cutter and the clicker, the riveter and the machine-girl.

Her husband was a "clicker" from Stafford; he had been dead eight years.