Clicking [noun]

Definition of Clicking:

metallic sound

Synonyms of Clicking:






Opposite/Antonyms of Clicking:


Sentence/Example of Clicking:

But still the faint clicking of the rattles marked each step of the men in the dance.

The clicking of the rattles marked the time for the running, and the beating of the drum showed when javelins were hurled.

He stared at the machines, clicking busily against the wall.

The sharp clicking was, no doubt, distinctly audible in the boat.

There was a clicking sound and the loudspeaker died with a sputter of static.

Together they listened to the clicking of the telegraph instrument.

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The knife-blade clicked on the planking, like the clicking of his teeth that showed black through slavering lips.

She swung round in her seat, and the quick clicking of the instrument was resumed as her fingers flew over it.

Nancy smiled to herself, and the gentle clicking noise lulled her near to sleep again.