Cliffs [noun]

Definition of Cliffs:

overhang on hill or mountain

Synonyms of Cliffs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cliffs:


Sentence/Example of Cliffs:

“People at my agency are hopeful, but are also on the edge of a cliff wondering whether or not leadership is going to take that leap into action,” said a senior planner at one of the larger media agency networks.

In Vega Baja, January’s hurricane cleared the vegetation covering once unnavigable mountain cliffs, allowing the outfitter 21 Climb and Tour to open the Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym.

Amid the worst collapse in fossil fuel demand in a century, production has fallen off a cliff.

These cycles have operated throughout time, yielding the alternating layers of sediment you see in cliffs and road cuts.

Despite winning four Gold Glove awards, his defensive metrics were surprisingly poor — thus hurting his JAWS ranking — and his performance fell off a cliff quickly as he got older.

Only the petrol tins they took for water right and left of their pathway up the cliff; huge diamonds in the evening sun.

At dawn half a battalion of Turks tried to make the attack along the top of the cliff and were entirely wiped out.

One morning Straightshaft climbed the cliff and looked far up and down the valley.

Then everybody climbed up a hill or a high cliff and watched the coming of the bison.

There was Cliff Manning, you turned the cold shoulder to him because he couldnt talk grammar.