Climacteric [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Climacteric:

I know I am at a climacteric for all men who live by their wits, so I do not despair.

There were those who pretended that the climacteric years were fatal to political bodies as well as to individuals.

Yet the struggle for what was accomplished appears to have created a climacteric in the doer.

He was dizzily weak; collapse had quickly followed the climacteric excitement of being beside her, of speaking to her.

Lorenzo the Magnificent had been ruling Florence for many years and was then at the climacteric of his fame.

Throughout Celtic history, the sixth century is for many reasons a climacteric period.

The year has reached its grand climacteric, and is fast falling into the sere, the yellow leaf.

It was rather anti-climacteric after that to have him acknowledge that he didn't know exactly when he could get away!

Bernard was now sixty-two years of age, within a year of his grand climacteric.

The free-fantasia of the poem was reached, and, roaring, the music neared its climacteric point.