Climactic [adjective]

Definition of Climactic:

pertaining to climax

Synonyms of Climactic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Climactic:


Sentence/Example of Climactic:

It is striking just now to notice the double key-note of that closing climactic book of this old Bible.

And a climactic treasure hunt among the subterranean Martian labyrinths.

Maybe the fourth or the eighth step will be "climactic" steps, especially arranged to make a climax in the dance and win applause.

So we put a climactic "trick" step in for a finish, and then we top that with the exit, and the exit must be a surprise.

The subjective is in order to the objective, as the final outward climactic reach of God's great love-plan for a world.

Then in one of his strong piled up climactic sentences Paul tells how the fight is to be won.

All right, wouldn't it be ridiculous for me to speak sensibly all this time and give you this climactic talk that I have?

It was, perhaps, the thunder-storm that really deserves the blame for Missy's climactic athletic catastrophe.

She felt here like the princess whose fairy-tale had come true in climactic palace scenes.

And this was the climactic event that changed the whole history of humanity upon the forgotten planet.