Climaxes [noun]

Definition of Climaxes:

peak, culmination

Synonyms of Climaxes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Climaxes:

Sentence/Example of Climaxes:

The orchestral music swells like a climax in a Disney film as Ronald McDonald notices the runty skater.

The climax of cricket mating is the transfer of the spermatophore, a protein ball packed with sperm.

The climax of Keller’s childhood occurred during the summer of 1887 when Anne Sullivan convinced her that “everything had a name, and each name gave birth to a new thought.”

Conversely, given proper attention, the series’ climax could have been significantly expanded and dramatized.

It is thought to be the climax to your offering, so making it count will pay off.

On to Gaba Tepe just in time to see the opening, the climax and the end of the dreaded Turkish counter attack.

She was a grown young woman when she was overtaken by what she supposed to be the climax of her fate.

The climax was reached when a most offensive policeman in a dictatorial manner ordered me to 'Move on.'

A talk with this enigmatical cousin would be a proper climax to the triumphs of the night.

That last moment, as she stepped lightly over the threshold of the library, was a sort of climax to the intoxication of youth.