Climbed [verb]

Definition of Climbed:

crawl, move up

Synonyms of Climbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Climbed:

Sentence/Example of Climbed:

Then he cut away the knobs by which he climbed to it, until there was barely sufficient for his own tiny toes to rest on.

They climbed another dune, and came upon the great gray sea at low tide.

Leaving Bruno to guard, Harry climbed the tree, and to his satisfaction had a good view of the country.

The others kept on, climbed the short, steep bank, and passed from sight over its rim.

Those were not his exact words, but I saw his answer in his eyes, for he had climbed higher and they were close to mine.

Black Sheep climbed into bed feeling that he had lost Heaven after a glimpse through the gates.

Then Mappo climbed up in a tall tree, and Squinty ran away as fast as his little short legs would take him.

Again, he may grow faint and dizzy when he has climbed only a part of the way, or he may lose his hold from very weakness.

Tim had faced about and was looking over the valley as we climbed the long slope of the ridge.

The fleshy woman climbed into the tonneau and held the still shrieking girl.