Climbers [noun]

Definition of Climbers:

mountain climber

Synonyms of Climbers:

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Sentence/Example of Climbers:

In the Alps the main glaciers are most usually highways, the ways offered to the climber for his travelling.

Nowhere is it excessively steep, and nowhere are there precipices of rock to stop the climber.

The climber lets down the eggs or nestlings in the tin and the observer can examine them in comfort on terra firma.

The climber falls exhausted on the mountain-side and lays him down to die.

It rises very abruptly from the surrounding forest, and at a distance looked quite inaccessible to a climber.

The steep rock faces were covered with a harsh brown moss, which, except when wet, gave an excellent foothold to the climber.

I am a good climber, and believe that I can make my way from one tree to another, and thus reach the shore.

A handsome tender climber with tuberous roots, that may be taken up in the fall and stored in a cellar.

In spite of his apparent clumsiness in some matters, he had even as a lad proved himself to be a bold and surefooted climber.

The white Rocky Mountain goat really is the wild mountain climber.