Clincher [noun]

Definition of Clincher:

settling event

Synonyms of Clincher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clincher:


Sentence/Example of Clincher:

The doubling of images of, say, the finger when the eyeball is pressed, is frequently proffered as a clincher.

In the South an expression of this kind is very often added on as a sort of clincher to give emphasis.

This last was a clincher and the obscurantic antisalts received the deathblow they richly deserved.

And he backed his assertion with an oath, swallowing off the contents of his glass by way of a clincher.

It is a clincher which no sophistry can set aside, no reasoning can grapple with, and no logic overthrow.

"And you have said over and over again that your one desire was to go abroad," I added, as a final clincher.

She took a deep breath, and let me have the clincher: "I could never marry a gambler, Tex!"

But the clincher is those two sugar crystals Lloyd had grabbed up when we were in that zoo.

This was a "clincher," and even Shuffles had not wit enough to escape the conclusion of the dogmatic reasoner.

That clincher has gone to the place whither good clinchers go, forever.