Clinging [adjective]

Definition of Clinging:


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Sentence/Example of Clinging:

The boys were tumbling about, clinging to his legs, imploring that numerous things be brought back to them.

Was it his moment of iron self-mastery that brought her with outstretched, clinging arms towards him?

"No," said the Bull over his shoulder as he lifted his hind legs from the clinging mud and cleared his nostrils.

Crossing the heath, her pathway lay near the spot where she had been found, clinging to the bosom of her dead mother.

Matt, clinging like grim death to the stout hemp, was jerked into the air and hurled forward and inward.

With him was a little girl, three years old or more, clinging to his hand as if in fear.

The man came to a stop within a few feet of the very post to which Black Hood was clinging.

The ice cracked ominously, but step by step he drew closer to where Ritter was clinging.

The woman reminds one of a red lizard—a salamander—her “svelte” body seemingly boneless in its gown of clinging scales.

It was very quiet and still in the garden, with its close-shaven lawns and the clinging scent of the roses.