Clipper [noun]

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The vessel in which he found himself was not by any means what we should style clipper-built—quite the reverse.

The Rossie was a clipper, and he could run away from an enemy too strong to fight, though running away was not much to his taste.

If a clipper for the finger nails becomes dull do not throw it away, but keep it in the tool box in a handy place.

"Looks mighty fine in them clipper-built city clothes, Red does," he reflected.

Such fire-balls, shot into the sun-dried canvas of the clipper, might go far towards leaving her bones ableach on Ulu Salama.

In spite of anger, Filhiol comprehended that he and Briggs represented the best brain-power on the clipper.

Strenuous activities leaped into being, aboard the stranded clipper ship.

The shot went high, passing harmlessly over the clipper and ricochetting beyond.

More and more canvas filled—canvas cut and burned, yet still holding wind enough to drive the clipper.

In a few years we had enlarged the packet clipper from a vessel of 400 tons to one of 800 tons, or twice the size.