Clipping [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clipping:

Silently, without even so much as a nod, he laid a newspaper clipping before the Chief of Police.

I have positive information: the "blind" prisoner gave me the clipping during exercise.

I have initialed the clipping in question, Mr. Wilcox, and ask you to do the same.

When an experienced showman came to do the clipping, I naturally stuck around to see what would happen.

You hire an office, a clerk, two stenographers and a clipping export, and prepare to take care of the work that comes in.

"Not good enough," said Average Jones, laying aside a sheet of paper upon which was pasted a newspaper clipping.

Back from the village Twinkleheels came clipping up the road and swung through Farmer Green's front gate as fresh as a daisy.

"She won't," said I, clipping away at the sweet bits still hanging on the carcass of my chicken.

Many sheep are kept in that part of Cumberland, and this was the period for the annual clipping.

The papers became wary and read Enterprise items twice before clipping them.