Cloaca [noun]

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He had discarded his first instinct, which was to hide in the intricate Tetrahyde cloaca.

The two Oviducts do not open together into the cloaca, though, as my sections prove, their openings are very close together.

Each Wolffian duct ends blindly in front, and the two unite behind to open by a common papilla into the cloaca.

This involution grows backwards in the form of a duct and opens into the cloaca.

The lower end of the segmental duct unites with a horn of the cloaca.

Towards the end of the fourth day the Wolffian duct opens into a horn of the cloaca.

There is the Mllerian duct in both opening in front into the body-cavity and behind into the cloaca.

Elsewhere the wall of the cloaca and cloacal groove are merely in contact but do not communicate.

At a point not far from the cloaca it becomes smaller, and its diameter falls to .03 Mm.

The same section also appeared to shew that one of the ureters fell not into the cloaca but into the Wolffian duct.