Cloaked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cloaked:

Ten minutes later, veiled and cloaked, she stepped out alone into the garden.

But he was past reason now, and he was not the man to brook haughtiness, however courteously it might be cloaked.

The past has come down to us cloaked and shrouded, and attended by its decorous retinue of mutes and bearers.

Both were cloaked and muffled and spoke in low and anxious tones.

I wondered how many well-cloaked gallants she had let in by the same door; I did not care if they were half a hundred.

She straightened up and there, cloaked by the night, facing each other, our wills clashed.

And then a small door opened in the wall close by, and an elegant cloaked woman came out on to the pavement.

You have always been a plausible talker, and you have cloaked many criminal acts under that plausibility.

John helped into it the hooded and cloaked figure of the great lady, and her maid, also hooded and cloaked, followed.

At the extremity of the passage stood a man cloaked in red and with a black mask over his visage.