Cloaks [noun]

Definition of Cloaks:

cover; coat

Synonyms of Cloaks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cloaks:

Sentence/Example of Cloaks:

Regulators face questions about whether the apparently amateur trading crowd’s activities amounted to illegal market manipulation — and if sophisticated professionals used the cloak of online anonymity to stoke the frenzy.

Over time, this slow burial of organic matter accumulated into storage strata of ancient sunlight, well hidden in the dark cloak of carbon.

That engulfing mucus might also work as an invisibility cloak.

On this errand he departed, wrapped tightly in his cloak, walking briskly through the now heavier rain.

As she spoke, she moved very slightly, letting her cloak fall open so that her long throat was exposed.

He dashed up to the drawing-room; his wife was coming forth then, her cloak and gloves on, her fan in her hand.

Rallying himself somewhat, he laid his hand upon the white cloak covering her shoulders.

On their entrance into the church, a brownish-red silk cloak, which concealed the whole of the uniform, was presented to each.

The Doctor doubled his old-fashioned cloak across his breast as he strode home through the darkness.

The cloak and the hump under it were likewise torn off and went sailing away on the current.