Clobber [verb]

Definition of Clobber:

hit, beat

Synonyms of Clobber:

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Sentence/Example of Clobber:

It was evident that we were being driven and so long as we went to their satisfaction they weren't going to clobber us.

And it anybody tries to slug you back, like I did just now, duck it and clobber him in another unprotected spot.

Now to get rid of this respectable clobber and feel like a man again.

I suggest to you, Brassbound, that the clobber belongs to Lady Sis.

Bey said, "If we can stop waxing philosophic for a while and get back to how most efficiently to clobber these Arabs—"

The clobber decoration is not alone in enamel colours or gold, but even lacquer is used for the same purpose.

Redbrook: you pack that clobber in the lady's portmanteau, and put it aboard the yacht for her.

We can't get them and all their clobber in the limber and, if I know 'em, they won't be parted from their belongings.

Clobber, klob′ėr, n. a paste used by shoemakers to hide the cracks in leather.

And then whatever bully boys you're running will clobber us?