Clobbered [verb]

Definition of Clobbered:

hit, beat

Synonyms of Clobbered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clobbered:




Sentence/Example of Clobbered:

Dayton’s formula was to keep clobbering everyone in its way, and eventually the sheer quantity of victories became hard to ignore.

It was Hollingwood, the metallurgist, looking unhappy with a tremendous bruise on his head where Wayne had clobbered him.

And something about the size of Luna came out of nowhere and clobbered me on the occiput.

You fellows clobbered him, so now you can get him into the ship.

To even suggest that all necessary information isn't contained therein, is enough to have you clobbered.

"And get clobbered in the stampeding around between the two great powers," Kenny said dryly.

Priests of Ismar, and when Ed clobbered the idol Pakriaa did consider having 'em all burned alive.

Just for the record, the Heroes almost invariably get clobbered in the end, since a Hero must be perfect.