Clod [noun]

Definition of Clod:

stupid person

Synonyms of Clod:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clod:



Sentence/Example of Clod:

Darling, don't you see—it's because you aren't a clod, because you're sensitive and imaginative that you experience fear.

The asphaltus is a clod of earth, liquefied by heat; the air forces it to the surface, where it spreads itself.

Go over it again and again until not a lump or clod remains in it.

Do I not daily curse this weak, lust-loving clod of flesh that holdeth prisoner a mind that at least once dreamed noble dreams?

"I won't become a clod-hopper," I exclaimed, seeing the dreary, endless monotony of such a life.

Nor does it depend on the brilliant sun—this mere clod of earth will cause it, even a little crumble of mould.

He himself may be but a miserable clod, but the glory of his crowd reflects upon him.

I'll walk forty times more, an' forty on top av that, ye shovel-futted clod-breakin' infantry lance-corp'ril.

For answer a clod came hurtling through the dark and struck with a thud upon the fence.

Aaron plodded back to the house with the evil news, stumbling over a clod of earth in the new-turned furrows near the road.