Cloddish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cloddish:

Raw-boned, angular, cloddish but as strong as a mule, he towered over her in a maddening atmosphere of proprietorship.

Two cloddish-looking contadini stood gazing at him, rapt in awe.

The historian remarks: "The cloddish, shiftless farmer is perhaps safer in Massachusetts."

There is something in a moonlit night at sea that must touch in the most cloddish heart a spring of fancy.

It should rather be an expression of his grand unnatural remoteness from the cloddish life.

She was no longer a cloddish lump of horseflesh, but an individual, a soul; Gregg's hand fell from his gun.

But how would it have been with a cloddish unimaginative fellow, whom nature never intended should understand Shakspere?