Clodhoppers [noun]

Definition of Clodhoppers:

construction boots

Synonyms of Clodhoppers:

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Sentence/Example of Clodhoppers:

P'r'aps I ain't got it, after bein' on shore among clodhoppers for two years.

It meant disgrace, defeat; and this fire was as a seal of vassalage affixed to my arms by those I called clodhoppers and serfs.

What was he doing there, with his keen face and worldly, confident carriage, amidst those clodhoppers?

He refers to a Berlin caricature of the scene which was at the time in all the shops, "exciting even the laughter of clodhoppers."

They were all clodhoppers up here, he said, and you could only get any proper polish in the South.

Ploughmen and clodhoppers in general were obviously now discouraged, for the besom had disappeared.

The Baron died of an attack of gout, a disease unknown to clodhoppers.

But mind, youngster, this aint no child's play; it aint like fighting them American clodhoppers.

They are used in pure superstition, as old clodhoppers spoil Latin by way of an exorcism.

There once was a tendency to describe magnanimous persons of quality, and repulsive clodhoppers and villagers.