Cloisters [noun]

Definition of Cloisters:

secluded religious place

Synonyms of Cloisters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cloisters:


Sentence/Example of Cloisters:

The idea of the silence and solitude of the cloister inspired the highly-imaginative girl with a blaze of enthusiasm.

Yes, I knew he would not be in, and so we left him lying down on the bench in the cloister till dinner was over.

I am not sure whether a cloister or a prison, commanding a fine view, be preferable to one without.

You will hear of him; he does not live in a cloister; he is always doing something for somebody.

In the Cloister garden of the Cathedral are preserved a tesselated pavement and the sepulchral slab of a Roman warrior.

He was killed at Saint-Merri cloister on June 6, 1832, where he was defending ideas not his own.

Meanwhile Madame Ysabeau, slipping under the cloister gate, entered her Church.

On the eve of that day more than six thousand persons spent the night in the Cloister.

You snatch me out of the cold cloister, but, in the bustling, ardent world you condemn me to the conventional chastity?

During the day they compel us to do the vilest work of the cloister, and at night they shut us up in this unclean den.'