Closely [adverb]

Definition of Closely:

approximately, carefully

Synonyms of Closely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Closely:


Sentence/Example of Closely:

It’s possible that immunity could be achieved at a level closer to 60 percent.

He blamed China for the pandemic and said he saved many lives by “closing up the country.”

Lowe’s is currently on a hot streak, but the gap is wide, and closing it requires a leader like Ellison with devoted employees, according to Wahba.

In recent years, summer has brought a season of fear to California, with ever-worsening wildfires closing in.

Big names like Tesla and Apple, which dragged the sector down last week, posted strong rallies, up 3% and 12% respectively as of Monday’s close.

Other still-closed markets include North Carolina, Michigan, New Mexico and the cities of Seattle and Portland.

The company has a list of potential successors to Joswiak, with the “smart money” being on newly appointed vice president of iPhone marketing Kaiann Drance, 42, to eventually take over, according to a person close to the company.

One out of five small businesses open in Cleveland in January 2020 were still closed by mid-August, according to the ecommerce platform Womply.

Century 21 fell into bankruptcy on Thursday after the pandemic forced it to close its stores in March.

But it was necessary to take Silan, which the rebels hastened to strengthen, closely followed up by the Spaniards.