Closeted [verb]

Definition of Closeted:

confine; put in jail

Opposite/Antonyms of Closeted:

Sentence/Example of Closeted:

He was then closeted with Ripperda for two hours; and Martini heard the voice of his master very high.

She had even gone so far one evening as to send tea in to them when he and Val were closeted together.

Thus they laughed and chatted, and time passed on, and still Monella and the king were closeted together.

The American Ambassador came to call in the late afternoon and they were both closeted for about an hour.

"Now tell me the story of it—with all the fine details," he demanded, after they were closeted in the captain's cabin.

And afterward, closeted with Captain Downs and the station captain, Mayo went over his case.

But he was unhappy, saturnine, and generally silent except when closeted with his ancient mentor.

Mounting his horse, the unhappy man spurred back to St. Dizier, and closeted himself in silent communing with his maps.

The pallid, silent Emperor at St. Dizier was closeted with considerations like these.

When we were closeted in our room, my companion threw himself into my arms and embraced me joyfully.