Clothes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clothes:

At this same time they seized in Nangasaqui a servant of the father provincial, Matheo Couros, who was washing his clothes.

Not a dollar did he possess—not even did he have a suit of clothes any more, and wore every day his corduroys.

For six days Mamma wept at intervals, and showed the woman in black all Punch's clothes—a liberty which Punch resented.

Little boys when decking themselves out with tall hat and monstrously big clothes seem to be trying to put on an alarming aspect.

The door opened and a plain clothes detective entered the office.

But the novel disappeared under the clothes with amazing celerity as the voice of her sister-in-law demanded admission.

Edna, left alone in the little side room, loosened her clothes, removing the greater part of them.

Words fail to describe my feelings as I watched the clothes come off him and dry ones go on just as if hands were arranging them.

Poor Anastatia, as a hare nestles in its form, had almost shrunk beneath the bed-clothes.

This animal was something like a little boy, only, instead of clothes, he was covered with hairy fur.