Clothing [noun]

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The documentary dives into Cardin’s history, from his origins as an haute couture designer in 1950s Paris to his expansion into ready-to-wear clothing for a global market and eventually, industrial design.

He doesn’t spend money on clothing, and when movie theaters reopen, he plans to avoid buying overpriced nachos and popcorn “for at least a year.”

Also, the life cycle of clothing isn’t as long as it once was.

Zeidan noted to the Blade that Helem at the beginning of the pandemic launched food and clothing drives.

I assume it’s roughly the same face that she made when I confessed my masked trip to a clothing store to buy some summer dresses.

Still working for the military, Boston Dynamics said Petman was testing protective clothing, and in addition to a full body, it had skin that actually sweated and was studded with sensors to detect leaks.

Since the start of the pandemic, clothing companies from the high-end to the low have seen their sales tumble due to store closures and shoppers reining in spending on non-essentials.

Assuming your items are things like clothing or gadgets and not items like facial brushes or hygiene products, you can create a fair exchange and returns policy that gives people a reason to buy.

Since ancient times, specific clothing has been used to designate classes of society or differentiate workers from priests and landowners.

The unicorns in the new movie Onward may look like the beauties that adorn fanciful clothing and school supplies.