Cloudless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cloudless:

The Southern sun shone from a cloudless sky; a light, keen wind blowing from the distant snow-clad Canigou set the blood tingling.

Overhead the smoke trembled upwards, a faint stain against a cloudless sky.

A frown momentarily darkened the cloudless brow of Aristide Pujol.

The sky was cloudless and the silver rays of a nearly full moon lit up the scene with an unearthly beauty.

"I hope it doesn't rain the way it did the other day," said Mollie, as she lazily surveyed a cloudless sky.

The icho trees stood like pyramids of gold; and suzuki grass upon the hillsides brushed a cloudless blue sky with silken fingers.

It was a cloudless day; the line of blue sky melted into the line of blue wave, and the air was filled with sunlight.

He saw in it, the buoyancy of youth under the influence of agreeable company, and a cloudless day.

The sun is shining out of a cloudless sky on to a sea so blue that it gives one a sort of pleasant pain to look at its loveliness.

Resumed our journey on a fine cloudless morning, with a strong and highly agreeable breeze from the south.