Clouting [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clouting:

Skelton mentions rochets 'of fyne Raynes'; Colin Clout, 316.

Joe thought the fellow was loafing, so he hit him a clout on the head, and made very uncomplimentary remarks.

The Nubian wore black tights and shirt, black slippers and a white skull cap and breech-clout.

What, he that weares a clout about his necke,His cuffes ins pocket, and his heart ins mouth?

There are instances, however, of clout in the sense of a plate of iron fastened on the sole of a shoe.

Far away a brown figure in clout and drab turban watched the young man.

A blade, snatched from the Malays breech-clout, flicked high-lights as it plunged into Crevays neck.

And, sitting down on a mossy bank, he opened the clout in which his stepmother had wrapped his dinner.

I now was expected to clout the grooms on their ears if they so much as showed themselves in my sight.

"I ain't got the heart to clout you an' make you eat them words," Mr. McGuffey declared sorrowfully.