Clove [verb]

Definition of Clove:

divide, split

Synonyms of Clove:

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Sentence/Example of Clove:

The clove-tree is somewhat smaller, and cannot boast of such luxuriant foliage, or such fine large leaves as the nutmeg-tree.

I have sought you despite of danger—for my heart clove to my child, and I would fain hear of her.

A four-wheeler clove its way through the crowd surrounding the gates, and the sentries presented arms to it.

The little steamer clove light green waters that were hardly rippled by the breeze.

By their power they pushed the well aloft, they clove asunder the rock, however strong.

Moisten with two spoonfuls of stock, a bouquet garni, two bayleaves and a clove, pepper and salt to taste.

When it is half done, mince it with the bacon, season, and add half a clove of garlic and pound all smoothly in a mortar.

Then, from the ice-cold bottom, rising as a meteor darts across the sky, the great fish clove the water to the surface.

Once more Theodoric clove her in twain; once more the severed parts united.

And with that Theodoric sprang up and clove Chriemhild in twain.